Oracle Cards Soul Vision

Follow your soul’s soft calling.
Discover your magical why.
Find trust in your inner wisdom and intuition.

Draw a card for your day, in response to your questions, as an introduction to your meditation.

The Soul Vision Oracle cards by Sandra Krensel are also wonderful for coaching, yoga classes and healing sessions.

The card set consists of 48 extra large cards (145 mm x 102 mm). Extra thick paper and a brilliant, shiny finish will turn you into a true treasure that mixes easily.They come protected in a soft, printed cotton bag.

With Love & Magic

This set of cards has been created wholeheartedly by myself.

It is important to me that these cards are produced in the highest quality and in a manner that is as fair and sustainable as possible. Therefore, I am working with local businesses for the printing and the manufacturing. The packaging is made fair trade as well.

Aloha, Sandra

Artist & Designerin

Oracle Cards

Soul Vision –

Find trust in your inner wisdom and intuition.

These soul vision oracle cards have been colourfully co-created with the universe: Images and texts full of magic, sensitivity and illuminating power.

Just like a clear breeze, these cards are meant to invite you to enjoy the moment, to feel the connection with the cosmos und to trust your own inner guidance. They create the connection between the sky and earth, vision and energy, strategy and fantasy.

The soul vision cards are a mirror of inner wisdom and guidance. They are a reminder to look beyond the visible, to find one’s answers in clarity and alignment, and to trust your intuition.

Discover the different facets of life and realize that everything unifies to a powerful starlight.

All the cards have been ruminantly painted, designed and written.
Every image holds symbols, colours and patterns which give you energy pulses.
You can always find something new in the cards.

You can either use these soul vision cards as a complete set, or draw one card a day or for a little break. Let this help you to open up your journaling, your yoga flow or your meditation.

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Order & Shipping International/Wordwide

Each deck will be 39,00 Euro.

International Shipping will be between 15 and 22 Euros, depending on the destination country.

Please include your full shipping address and e-mail within you mail, so I can calculate the shipping.

You can pay the total amount (please in Euro) via PayPal, as soon as you received the invoice.

Be aware of additional costs due to tax and custom regulations, depending on your country.

Sorry, but we’re unable to accept returns or cancellations of the oracle cards on international orders.

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Each deck will be 39,00 Euro.

EU-Shipping will be 12 Euro.

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I am Sandra Krensel: visionary, artist, mentor.

I am inspired by the magic that ignites when strategy and fantasy, the sky and earth meet.

I am fascinated by arising clarity, growing trust and blooming creativity.

I am the founder of SitaraSoul.Vision.
Sitara means star. To me, stars beam so much tranquility and vastness. While they are so very delicate, they also, at the same time, shine so brightly and powerfully.

Everyone of us carries within themselves their own unique North star. This star always connects us to our spiritual home and guides us with wisdom. You only need to open yourself up to this guidance in order to spark your magic.

Translation into English by Marie Weihs.

My name is Marie Weihs and I am a lover of English literature, which I luckily studied as a Master’s degree in Nottingham (UK). Besides escaping reality by diving into the worlds of Wilde, Austen, Woolf or Sassoon, I enjoy going on long walks, doing Yoga, baking cakes and visiting my favourite British country. (Instagram: mariecwe)