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you wonderful soul.

These soul vision oracle cards have been colourfully co-created with the universe: Images and texts full of magic, sensitivity and illuminating power.
Just like a clear breeze, these cards are meant to invite you to enjoy the moment, to feel the connection with the cosmos und to trust your own inner guidance. They create the connection between the sky and earth, vision and energy, strategy and fantasy.

The soul vision cards are a mirror of inner wisdom and guidance. They are a reminder to look beyond the visible, to find one’s answers in clarity and alignment, and to trust your intuition. Discover the different facets of life and realize that everything unifies to a powerful starlight.

All the cards have been ruminantly painted, designed and written.
Every image holds symbols, colours and patterns which give you energy pulses.

You can always find something new in the cards.

You can either use these soul vision cards as a complete set, or draw one card a day or for a little break. Let this help you to open up your journaling, your yoga flow or your meditation.

Aloha, Yours Sandra



It is so lovely that you are here and decided to enrich your life and business with these oracle cards. Oracle cards are my passion. I love creating and laying them out. I am always fascinated by the deeper insights and light bulb moments they unfold.
Take these cards as a mirror to look beyond the visible, to let your soul speak, to gain new insights and perspectives. They help you to connect yourself to the sky and to strengthen your intuition.

Familiarise yourself with your deck
Take your time familiarising yourself with your deck and look at each card one after another. How do you feel when you are looking at them and when they are laying in your hands? Take out one one card that you are particularly drawn to, and let it sink in for a few days.

Before laying the cards,
check your energy. If you’re feeling disoriented, these cards will only confuse you even more. Energy is leading and guiding you with the cards reflecting. Ground yourself before the laying. Look into yourself and into your body. If you feel unsettled, take a walk or dance beforehand in order to let your energy flow again. Take a couple of deep breaths. Say a prayer, a mantra or whatever brings you peace and harmony. Open yourself up to a playful curiosity.

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Using the cards

1. Cleansing
Connect yourself with the cards. Cleanse them before using them for the first time, as well as in between uses. You can let them recharge either during a full moon, wrap them in a nice scent or soft sounds, bless them with your hands, or put them in a tray of crystals. Be creative and free.
2. Sacred space
Take a few deep breaths and with each breath, connect to yourself more and more. Give yourself a sacred moment of peace and quiet. You may also light a candle, say a prayer/ a mantra, or put your hands on your heart. Whatever feels best for you.
3. Asking a question
When you are fully present, formulate a clear question: Where do you wish for support or where are you looking for inspiration?

4. Shuffling the cards
With your question in mind, let your feelings guide you when mindfully shuffling the cards mindfully. If a card happens to fall out of the deck, put it aside and use it as an additional card. If several cards fall out, put them back, take a few deep breaths and ground yourself before shuffling again.
5. Laying out the cards
From the top, lay out one or more cards with your question in mind. You may also fan out your deck and draw a card from there.
6. Receiving messages
Lay out the cards and receive the incoming messages. Notice the images and words appearing within your mind when looking at an individual card.
7. Card as an inspiration
For inspiration, you may, if you’d like, put your chosen card in your favourite place, your altar or in your journal for a while.

1- Laying the cards

1- Laying the cards

A quick and short laying for daily impulses, a quick check-in and for approaching situations from a new angle. Pick a question that suits you best at this moment:

1: What is in this situation my highest well-being?

1: What is there to include more of in my life/business? 

1: Where do I currently grow the most?

1: What should I particularly focus on today?

2- Laying the cards

2- Laying the cards

This laying is wonderful for finding your place and for getting into action.
Starting point and the next step:

1: Where am I now?

2: What is the next step?

Understanding and overcoming fears:

1: What do I currently fear the most?

2: How do I overcome this fear?

Customer embrace:

1: What do my customers need the most right now?

2: How can I give this to them?

3- Laying the cards

3- Laying the cards

Find answers that guide you in the right direction, and discover healing connections:

Gifts on the path:

1: Where am I now?

2: What strengthens my back?

3: What gifts are still to come?

Recreating the future:

1: Where do I currently stand?

2: What have I grown out of?

3: What kind of future unfolds, when I bravely take a step forward?

Connection of the heart, mind and body:

1: What does my heart has to say about this situation?

2: What does my mind has to say about this situation?

3: What does my body has to say about this situation?

Loving thank you’s

Loving thank you’s

To my partner Alex, who always gives me strength and supports me in following my path. Who, especially in the final stages, has patiently and calmly stood by me trying to ease my biggest insecurities.

To Babette, who lovingly proofread these cards and who always stood by my side giving me new impulses and inspiration.

To Marie, who joyously translated the soul vision card set into English so that it can reach even more people.

To the entire printing team of Hitzegrad. It is so treacherous to work together locally with so much joy.

To the teachers who guided me on this path. This set made me think particularly of Jeanne Ruland, who inspired me greatly on the Huna path.

To everyone who is using and loving this set. Thank you for being there, for sharing this vision with me and for letting it grow bigger.

Do you want to unfold you soul vision even more? Then let us work together. I’m looking forward to you and your North star.

Find trust in your inner wisdom and intuition.

I am Sandra Krensel: visionary, artist, mentor.

I am inspired by the magic that ignites when strategy and fantasy, the sky and earth meet.

I am fascinated by arising clarity, growing trust and blooming creativity.

I am the founder of SitaraSoul.Vision.
Sitara means star. To me, stars beam so much tranquility and vastness. While they are so very delicate, they also, at the same time, shine so brightly and powerfully.

Everyone of us carries within themselves their own unique North star. This star always connects us to our spiritual home and guides us with wisdom. You only need to open yourself up to this guidance in order to spark your magic.

Translation into English by Marie Weihs.

My name is Marie Weihs and I am a lover of English literature, which I luckily studied as a Master’s degree in Nottingham (UK). Besides escaping reality by diving into the worlds of Wilde, Austen, Woolf or Sassoon, I enjoy going on long walks, doing Yoga, baking cakes and visiting my favourite British country. (Instagram: mariecwe)